KuroNeko SPC: its Timer Trick function

Shin KuroNeko SPC can play some of first-note-sticking SPCs with its Timer Trick function. But unfortunately the software is supposed to be used only under Japanese win32 environment, you will see just garbage characters on its interface when you take a try to use it. I hope that following explanations would be a help to handle the function.

Basic Interface
Fig.1 Basic Interface

When just double-clicked, the window may be as above and stay silent and it dosen't work at all unless an SPC file has been dropped. If a normal SPC file is dropped into it, music starts. When you use the Timer Trick function, press the third button from the right.

Configuration Window
Fig.2 Configuration Window

Then choose the second tab from the left.

Timer Trick Settings
Fig.3 Timer Trick Settings on Advanced Configuration Tab.

On this advanced configuration tab, you can handle Timer Trick function. First off, you must select one choice from 0xF4 to 0xF7 ( I don't know what 0xF4 to 0xF7 mean. APU I/O ports? ). Then set Wait value ( 0 to 65535 ). Finally check the box at the top of Timer Trick section. If the choice from 0xF4 to 0xF7 is right, it sound at least. When tempo is not correct, change Wait value. Any changes are not reflected unless the check box is enabled again.

In the original Readme.txt file of Shin KuroNeko SPC, playable first-note-sticking SPCs which the developper checked are mentioned as follows;

0xF4 with Wait 16384

0xF4 with Wait 32768

0xF4 with Wait 512

0xF7 with Wait 32768